According to the modernization plan and increasing of the production capacity of the company,  LVEP "Lider Elektrik" LLC  purchased and launched a premium-class rolling-and-bending machine with computerized numerical control from the company Yawei Machine-Tool Co., LTD. This machine is equipped with an  electro-hydraulic monitoring system, complete with synchronous feedback of the drum, as well as a worktable with automatic hydraulic deformation compensation. It is characterized by high efficiency, meets the established safety standards and, if necessary, is able to work 24 hours a day.

Thanks to the new equipment, the speed and accuracy of the sheet metal bending with high-precision holding of all sizes and parameters will increase in times. First of all, this will positively effect on the terms and volumes of production.

Updating and expanding of the production base is a long-term strategic program of our company, which aimed at the improving of all technological processes and improving the quality of products.