Crane cabins

Package crane cabins (ККUК) are designed to placement on erecting machines with capacity up to 500 tons.



Open and closed, simple and panoramic operational cabins are used to crane control. Warm-rooms overhead and travelling cantilever cranes are equipped with open cabins. Closed ones are used for outdoors and unheated spaces. Hot, chemical and other pushing emission shop cabins are equipped with conditioners  


Operating Conditions

ККUК are designed to placement on cranes such as overhead, gantry, bridge and one-legged gantry cranes.

Crane cabins are produced for operating in T, N and F climatic regions under GOST 15150 with temperatures from -60°С to +55°С.  


Construction Features

Crane cabin type:

  • open (protection degree IP00 under GOST 14254);
  • closed (protection degree IP55 under GOSTТ 14254).

Open type cabins are designed with an open upper lantern without glazing 

Overhead cabin cranes can be equipped with steps


Technical Specifications

Crane cabin construction is made of welded frames.

  1. Outdoor construction is made of iron sheet
  2. Indoor construction is made of noncombustible coating material
  3. On customer’s requirement
  4. Cabin insulation can be performed on customer’s requirement
  5. Floor surface can be lined with dielectric cover
  6. Glassing is made of transparent glass triplex with protective grills on lower glasses. Windows can be bricked-up or opening
  7. Open or wall wiring ducts are provided
  8. Operational cabin possible options:
  • working illuminating with incandescent lamps;
  • heating system with electric convector;
  • mandatory ventilation;
  • climate control system with special air conditioner;
  • crane operator seat;
  • wipers;
  • tubular electric heating elements;
  • sunshields.


Reliability Conforms to State Standard of Ukraine 29.2-35036863-012:2011.