Lifting equipment

LVEP ‘Lider Elektrik’ proposes lifting equipment

Repair and maintaining of lifting equipment

Erecting cranes

Works type

Two-girder overhead cranes

Crane mechanical part fault rectification: gearboxes, angle blocks, wheels and other elements replacement

Single-girder overrunning cranes

Modernization, reconstruction and crane metal construction repair

Single-girder underrunning cranes

Crane units audit and separate nodes repair

Grab overhead cranes

Crane running gears fault rectification: installation, dismantling and wheel reduction in case of consumption

Magnetic cranes

Consumption rope reequipment

Gantry cranes

Crane mechanical part fault weld rectification

Single-girder underslung manual cranes

Installation and dismantling of any complexity;

obtaining repair permits and approvals

Electrical jacks

Crane runway replacement: installation and dismantling; gage adjustment and leveling


Weld repair underruning and overrunningcrane runway

Bracketed cranes

Equipment and units selling: crane wheels, angle blocks, break pulleys, gears, gear shafts and other

Metal working  services:
- turning;
- grooving;
- milling;
- drilling;
- heat treatment;
- plasma metal cutting;
- welding;
- fitting;
- product performance on customer’s drawings.