Lathe works

LVEP ‘Lider Elekrik’ offers lathe works


Details production

Maximum dimensions

Maximum outer diametr [mm]

Widtht [mm]

Crane wheel



Brake pulley


Angle crane block


Load drum

 МUVP coupling

Lathe and milling one-time working services:
- thread milling and cutting on crane hooks (from №1А to № 26B)
- pin performance
- sleeves performance
- product performance on customer’s drawings

Gears, cog-wheels, shaft repair; gear rings, sleeves  replacement; metal deposition and  teeth cutting

Notes.  Data are cited  on the basis of overall machine performance:
- lathe: 16К20, 16К25, 1N65(DIP 500);
- milling: 6Т10, 6М12P;
- slotting: 7D430