Protective relaying and emergency control systems SHRZA

Protective relaying and emergency control systems SHRZA are designed to provide power lines and transformer substations equipment with high voltage of 35-110 kV security during overloads, short-circuits and other faults   



SHRZA are used in switchgears 35-110 kV and transformer substations 110/35, 110/10(6), 35/10(6) kV structure


Reference designation structure:

        1      2   3    4      5   6


1 — Advances protective relarying and energy control systems produced by LVEP “Lider Elektrik”

2 — Purpose:

                ZL — line protection;

                ZТ — transformer protection;

                ZSH — bus protection;

                АТ — autoformer;

                SV — sectional and busbar coupler switches

3 — Measuring circuit rated current [A]

4 —Direct control current rated voltage [V]

5 — Degree of protection under GOST 14254

6 — Climatic region modification under GOST 15150-69


SHRZA order designation example:

SHRZA-ЗТ-5-220-LE IP54 NF4


Technical data of SHRZA (LE-RZ)



Measuring circuits rated voltage [kV]

35; 110

Rated frequency [Hz]


Measuring current rated current [A]

1; 5

Direct control current rated voltage [V]

110; 220

Incoming line and outgoing connection type

cable, lower

Maintenance type

single-end, double-end

Degree of protection under GOST 14254-69

IP21; IP54

Dimensions (W*D*H) [mm]