LVA ‘Lider Elektrik’ offers variety of electrical service solutions including:


1 Engineering Services provide design and specification services for systems ranging from low voltage ranging to over 110kV

Lider Elektrik’s Electrical Engineering Services offers development project and construction documentation using specialized software packages


2 Electrical installation commissioning with own production ensures full responsibility and liability for all performed work

 Experienced team of service engineers bring skills to install and repair with minimal disruption and high quality   


3 Commission operations are performed by trained and certified instrumented experts with commitment report issue and reduced downtime



Entire approach to design, commissioning, modernization and extensions of industrial electrical equipment have a range of benefits:  


responsibility from design and manufacting to installation and commissioning;


warranty and after the factory warranty services;


all services delivered out of one hand



A full spectrum of Lider Electrik’s Engineering Services extends across fields, including:


  • Mechanical Engineering;
  • Metallurgy;
  • Chemical;
  • Mining;
  • Transport;
  • Power Generation Facilities;
  • Building and Construction


Our company is qualified by ISO 9001 certificate that provide us to better customer satisfaction