Low-voltage equipment plant "Lider Elektrik" is a totally new form of a company at the market of low- and high-voltage electrical equipment and electric services production. Distinctive feature of LVEP "Lider Elektrik" is a high quality of production combined with the requirements of the modern industrial segment orientation.

For meeting requirements of the modern production enterprise the Company realizes:
- manufacture of low- and high voltage electrical equipment, according to the Customer’s request;
- complex of the electric services for assembly, complete overhauls, modernization of high- and low-voltage industrial electrical equipment;
- innovative activity of the control frequency electric drive, thyristor choking converters and relay-contactor control.

Complex of services provided by LVEP "Lider Elektrik" is applied to industrial drives, power-hoisting equipment, assemblies, aggregates and secondary low-voltage electrical equipment. "Lider Elektrik" is the successful manufacture and the guarantee of a high-quality and timely order processing. This is attained by the professional equipment. Manufacturing yard of our factory includes the specially equipped working places oriented for electrics as well as the industrial general-purpose machines. This allows accomplishing a wide array of order choices.

Certification of the outputs on different stages by special checkout fixtures is the binding part of the work activity.

Production department of LVEP "Lider Elektrik" poses problems solving of the supreme complexity guaranteed qualitative and timely result due to implementation of the processing departments, qualification and long-term experience of the employees.

Currently on LVEP "Lider Elektrik" the next production lines are fully functional:
- production line of unitized electrical devices from 0,4 to 35 kV;
- production line of electrical equipment up to 1000 V;
- production line of resistor units and startup control apparatuses;
- production line of wiring units;
- production line of steel constructions.

Refining of the control models makes up the important part on the enterprise. Professional dynamic management is the essential component of the modern business that is why we are hard at work on the business processes optimization. Overall operation effected during developing and production is logical and ordered. Another success factor of our Company is the responsive attitude to the requests of our Clients. We know that even up to the minute equipment and long-term experience of the professionals are useless without opportune and appropriate response to the market tendencies. That’s why we do not rest upon the increase of production capacities and continual employee training and education but we also develop the capabilities of marketing department. Only with your help we are progressing and improving our quality and reliability.

Currently LVEP "Lider Elektrik" is the only enterprise, which is successfully cooperates with all primary metals establishments of Ukraine.

Policy of LVEP "Lider Elektrik" is focused on more complete Client’s contentment with reliable and qualitative electrical equipment.

Due to regular development and active search of the advanced features the Company is the leader of the output quality field as evidence of this is the introduction of a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2009.

We appreciate the credibility of our Clients and the reputation of the responsible business partner.