Competitive advantage

1. LVEP "Lider Elektrik" produces the low-voltage, high-voltage electric equipment, performs all complex of electrical installation works that permits to cut the cost on project implementation in whole.

2. Due to individual attention to each project you will get the qualitative engineering solutions about development, reconstruction and servicing of the electric supply systems of the industrial and civil construction objects, oil and gas field and private objects.

3. Wide range of optional versions affords you the opportunity to chose the necessary variant of the electric equipment according to the operating conditions, functionality, town-planning requirements, power and the number of the lined up consumers.

4. Captive production of the metal wares will fabricate for you the cabinet units of typical and substandard overall sizes.

5. Integrated transformer substation includes the different effects protectors: against overwork connected with the atmosphere; against short circuits between phases; against overcharge and short circuits of the Low Voltage line. All this allows the maintenance staff to work in the safe environment.

6. High scale of the assembling provides fast substations entry in operation, that is significantly saves money.

7. All production meets the quality and reliability standards. It is certified by the licenses, export reports and possession of the technical approvals that is indicative of the output quality high level.

8. Utilization in the manufacture the new technology of adjustment and equipment completeness, special powder coating, thickened materials and high degree of the assembling guarantees the effective operability.

9. Electric equipment production according to all Consumer’s requirements and the agreement of the changing with Local Industrial Engineering Supervision (if needed) enables to select a client the ultimate solutions.

10. Total output of the factory is packaged by the production plants with the equipment of the current year. It enables to get the new electrical equipment and reduce expenses on the capital repairs.

11. Internal control of the electrical equipment quality which is performed at all stages of the production from the metal wares to the end production assures the guaranteed quality of the output product.

12. Designer supervision enables the factory to realize the action plans for guarantee the conformity of the technological and engineering solutions, the factor of product implementation, conclusion covered by the project documentation which is confirmed by the Consumer.

13. Uninterrupted efficiency of the electric equipment is guaranteed within a month as from the date of installation. This delineates factory’s responsibility of the mounted electrical equipment.

14. Over a working period at the technical market factory has any claims. This gives evidence of the output production quality and sound reputation of the factory.

15. The factory concerns about the continuous staff training that provides the proficiency of the employees.

16. Sustentation of the factory’s corporative manner shows the sociability and acute culture of the business conducting.

17. Regular advertising activities provide the timely information support of the consumers.

18. LVEP "Lider Elektrik" is the only factory that cooperates with all iron and steel companies of Ukraine. This is indicative of the produced electric equipment reliability.

19. Performance of such work as capital repairs, assembling, alignment and modernization of the objects "key-in-the-door" provides all complex of the electrical service to the Consumer.