It is no secret that electricity is an important and necessary part of everyday life. Due to electrical substations and transformers, we obtain the energy in the required amount for the supply of all necessary equipment and electronics, which directly depends on the presence of an electric current in the electric system.
Our company Lider Elektrik offers you all the necessary systems, tools and accessories for transformer stations, substations and other electrical systems that will cost you the most affordable and low prices in Ukraine.
In our assortment you will find the complete switchgear, low-voltage and high-voltage (KRU), camera teams of unilateral service (CSR), high-voltage cell (YAKNO), circuit breakers, transformers, electrical products, and more.
Scope of the switchgear is wide enough. Such devices are used for the distribution and reception of power, which can obtain sufficient ordered all such device system. The price of switchgear in our company the most accessible and democratic, so over the acquisition of such a facility, you can immediately contact our managers and professionals that carry out not only the installation of the system, but also after-sales service, if necessary.
CSR is used for the reception and distribution of electricity, and are standardized, so the necessary parts and accessories to them to choose there is no trouble. Buy prefabricated camera you can also Lider Elektrik, that provide the most favorable terms of purchase.