Containerized transformer substation КТPBМ (LE-BТPМ)

Containerized one- or two-transformer outdoor substations КТPBМ (LE-BТPМ) in winterized cover with installed power limited up to 2500 kVA are designed to receive three-phase alternating-current of frequency 50 Hz and voltage 6 or 10 kV from overhead or cable incoming lines and distribute 0.4kV



КТPBМ (LE-BТPМ) are designed for industrial, urban and civil uses, agricultural and constructional facilities



Conforms to State Standard of Ukraine 31.2-35036863-008:2009


Reference designation structure:

                                             1     2     3      4     5   6   

                               LE-БМТП-Х-ХХХ/ХХ/0,4 ХХ

1 – Advansed contairized transformer substation produced by LVEP “Lider Elektrik”

2 – Number of used tranformers (in case of one transformer number is not mentioned);

3 – Transformer rated power, kVA;

4 – MV rated voltage, kV;

5 – LV rated voltage, kV;

6 – Climatic region modification and placement category under GOST 15150-69


 Transformersubstation consist of three parts:

– medium voltage switchgear;

– distributional transformer;

– low voltage switchboard.


Medium voltage switchgear includes input and transformer cells and according to the project may apply line, sectional, auxiliary or cells with voltage transformer.

Medium voltage cells are equipped with vacuum BB-LE, load break VNM-LE or disconnecting switch PVMZ-LE on customer’s request.


Distributional transformer can be oil air cooled


Load voltage switchboard consist of input, line sectional panels with automatic and disconnect fuse switches


LE-BMTP order designation example:

LE-BMTP-2-630/10/0,4-LE N1 SS U 31.2-35036863-008:2009.


Technical data of КТPBМ 100…2500/10(6)/0,4-LE N1



Transformer rated power [kVA]

100; 160; 250; 400; 630; 1000; 1250; 1600; 2500

Power transformer type

dry, oil

Lead-in line type

cable, overhead

Outgoing line type

cable, overhead


according to the project