Distribution transform portable mining substations PKTP (LE-PTP)

Distribution transformer portable mining substations one-transformer outdoor terminal type substations KTPm (LE-TPM) for industry application with installed power limited to 630 kVA are designed to receive three-phase alternating-current of frequency 50 Hz and voltage 6 or 10 kV from overhead or cable incoming lines and distribute 0.4kV to transformer earthed or isolated neutral systems



PKTP are designed for power supply of lighting systems and mining units networks (up to 100kVA), drilling rigs (up to 400 kVA), mining, coal, ore and other opencast consumers, subsurface non-hazardous gas mine consumers through holes and wells (up to 630 kVA). Also they can supply urban electric networks, industrial units and construction facilities with portable installation place, seasonal pump stations and other temporary objects.


Reference designation structure:

           1         2      3    4   5   6   7


1 — Advances distribution transformer portable mining substation produced by LVEP “Lider Elektrik”;

2 — Transformer rated power, kVA;

3 — MV rated voltage, kV;

4 — LV rated voltage, kV;

5 — Modification: (S – fixed, P – portable);

6 – Load-in type:

      VК – overhead-cable;

      КК – cable-cable.

7 — Climatic region modification under GOST 15150-69 and placement category under

        GOST 15543


LE-PТP order designation example:

LE-PTP – 250/10/0,4-LE-P-VК N1 SS U 31.2–35036863–008:2009