Distribution consumer power substation KTPSN (2 KTPSN) ((LE-TPVU (LE-TPVU-2))

Distribution consumer power one- and two-transformer indoor substation KTPSN (2 KTPSN) ((LE-TPVU (LE-TPVU-2)) with installed power limited to 2500 kVA are designed to receive three-phase alternating-current of frequency 50 Hz and voltage 6 or 10 kV with or without reserve power supply incoming lines and distribute 0.4kV to transformer earthed or insulated neutral systems


Reference designation structure:

                        1     2    3      4    5    6

                LE-TPVU-Х-ХХХ/ХХ/0,4 ХХ

1 — Advanced transformer substation produced by LVEP “Lider Elektrik”

2 — Number of used  transformers  (in case of one transformer number is not mentioned);

3 — Transformer rated power, kVA;

4 — MV rated power, kV;

5 — LV rated power, kV;

6 — Climatic region modification and placement category under GOST 15150-69



  • One-transformer substation (KTPSN) (LE-TPVU) of right or left configuration
  • Two-transformer substation (2 KTPSN) (LE-TPVU -2) of single- or dual-in-line relative location


Busbars are used as electrical and mechanical connection between sections in dual-in-line location


Distance between the opposite fronts (according to order) may be 1800, 2300, 2800 mm


LE- TPVU (LE-TPVU -2) order designation example:

LE- TPVU (LE- TPVU -2) – 1000/10/0,4-LE N3 SS U 31.2–35036863–008:2009


Executions of KTPSN (LE-TPVU) 250…2500/10(6)/0,4-LE N3

Classification signs


Maintenance type

Single-end, double-end

Outputs configuration matter

up-, down-, right-, left-directed bus and up- or down-directed cable

Power transformer type

dry or oil-insulated

LW transformer neutral earthling type

earthed or insulated

Number of used transformers

one- or two-transformed

Outputs switch type

withdrawable or fixed-mounted

LW cell type

input, line, sectional, control

LV switchboard relative locations

single- or dual-in-line (for 2КТPSN)


Dimensions and weights of KTPSN (2 KTPSN) (LE-TPVU) ((LE-TPVU-2)) 250…2500/10(6)/0,4-LE N3

Substation type

Dimensions [mm]

Weight approx. [kg]







Depend on output lines number and transformer power


LE- TPVU (LE- TPVU-2)-400

LE- TPVU (LE-TPVU-2)-630

LE- TPVU (LE-TPVU-2)-1000

LE- TPVU (LE-TPVU-2)-1600

LE- TPVU (LE-TPV -2)-2500