Pole-mounted transformer substations KTPs (LE-TPS)

KTPS are designed for public electric supply of certain settlements, road forks and other objects of the same capacity with electrical infrastructure similar conditions


Transformer substations consist of such several parts:

 – medium voltage switchgear including electro-conductive bus, fuses PKT and arresters PVO

    for power lines;  

– power transformer TM or TMG type;

– low voltage switchboard including outgoing lines, commercial accounting system and

   lighting system. 


Substation overhead incoming lines are connected to medium voltage through a disconnector RLNDMz-LE (delivired on customer’s requirement) that installed directly on pylon.


KTPs (LE-ТPS) order designation example:

LE-ТPS – 100/10/0,4 N1 SS U 31.2-35036863-004:2009.


Technical data of KTPs (LE-ТPS) 10…160/10(6)/0,4 N1



Transformer rated power [kVA]

10; 25; 40; 63; 100; 160

Power transformer type


Lead-in type


Outgoing line type

cable, overhead