Reactive power compensations КU-LE-0,4

Reactive power compensations 0,4 kV (КU-LE-0,4) are used for inductive load reactive power compensation to keep constant  power factor (cosφ) in three-phase current of frequency 50 Hz and voltage 0.4 kV earthed neutral systems electro supply


KU-LE-0.4 provides automatic power compensation at the rate of configuration automatic connection pickup during peak and minimal loading hours excluding reactive power generation

Nonregulated reactive power compensations are used for constant (invariable) reactive power compensation. In case of direct transformer substation busbars connection full inductive load reactive power compensation occurred


 Using КU-LE-0,4 allows:

- obtain more useful power with same transformer power and  cable section;

- reduce transmission lines, transformers and distributional equipment capacity load to decrease electric power loses;

- cut down electric power expenses;

- power line disturbances prevention, to reduce phace unbalance;

- make distributional grids more reliable and economical;

- increase transformer substations, cables and distributional equipment service life


КU-LE-0,4 order designation example:

КU-LE-1-300-0,4-54 NF4  SS U 31.2-35036863-005:2009