Power resistance units

Coiled Wire Resistors B series

* B6 from AZAL.434.332.001-01 to AZAL.434.332.001-150

* B6М from AZAL.434.332.002-01 to AZAL.434.332.002-150

* BK12 from AZAL.434.331.001-100 to AZAL.434.331.001-200

* BК12 from AZAL.434.331.003-01 to AZAL.434.331.003-89

* BFK from AZAL.434.334.001-01 to AZAL.434.334.001-47

Coiled Wire Resistors BR series

 * BR1 from AZAL.434.345.001-01 to AZAL.434.345.001-27

 * BRК from AZAL.434.345.001-01 to AZAL.434.345.001-26

 * BRKF from AZAL.434.345.002-01 to AZAL.434.345.002-12

 * BRP from AZAL.434.345.003-01 to AZAL.434.345.003-12

 * BRPF from AZAL.434.345.004-01 to AZAL.434.345.004-27

 * BRF from AZAL.434.352.001-01 to AZAL.434.352.001-39

                Power Resistors N series

 * NK1 from AZAL.434.750.024-01 to AZAL.434.750.024-51

 * NF11 from AZAL.434.750.020-01 to AZAL.434.750.020-93

 * NF1 from AZAL.434.750.065-01 to AZAL.434.750.065-95

                Power Resistors  YAS series

 * YAS3 from AZAL.434.140.500-01 to AZAL.434.140.500-24

 * YAS4 from AZAL.434.150.700-01 to AZAL.434.150.700-10

 * YAS 101/1 AZAL.434.150.710-01

 * YAS 101/2 AZAL.434.150.710-02

 * YAS 101/3 AZAL.434.150.710-03