Variable speed drives and programmable automation systems


Variable speed drives

- transfer mechanisms application

- conveyer application

- crane mechanisms application

- compressor unit application

- pump application


Programmable automation systems

- blast furnace control

- rolling mill control

- flying shears control

- drainage system control

- forge-and-press units control

- ventilation and heating systems control


Modern industrial processes control ways coupled with wide range of automation opportunities application provides energy and other recourses optimal utilization.

Modern AC variable speed drives are compared to DC drives in terms of speed accuracy

Variable speed more reliable drives can be used in most applications in power saving projects

Variable speed drives solutions are fully integrated into existing systems



  • varying-speed providing essential energy saving;
  • accuracy and quantity improving;
  •   eliminating mechanical vibrations;
  • squirrel cage AC motor save significant cost and more reliable as double-speed motor


Lider Elektrik’s certified team provides electric drive control systems design and commissioning with own production on the basis of up-to-date solutions