Accounting boxes YAU, motor control boards SHHE (UUKE-E), drive control boxes

Accounting boxes YAU(Р) are designed to active and reactive alternative-current earthed neutral electric energy of frequency 50 Hz and voltage 0.4 kV account

Boxes are used for industrial and municipal uses in rooms with natural ventilation


Local control boars SHHE (UUKE-E) are designed for local and remote (automatic) three-phase alternative-current of frequency 50 Hz and voltage 0.4 kV earthed neutral irreversible motor system control for overload protection


UUKE-E order designation example:

UUKE-E – 2 22 NЗ SS U 31.2-35036863-005:2009.


Drive and installations control frameless boxes YA-5000 series with equipped panels are produced in mounted execution.