LVEP “lider Electrik” provides high-resistance precision Cr20N80, Cr20N80N, Cr15N60N, Cr15N60  alloys supply under GOST 12766.1-90 and GOST 12766.2-90. Total output has quality certificates


Nichrome  is alloy that consist of  N (55–78%),  Cr (15–23 %), Si (1 %), Mn (1,5 %) and Fe

Nichrone has electrical resistivity (1,0–1,1 mkOm*m); fusion temperature – 1100-1400 °С; denity – 8300-8500 kg/m3. It has high operating temperature (up to 1100 °С) and mechanical strength (tensile strength – 0.65-0.7 GPa)  


Application. Nichrome is used for furnace electric heater for all branches of industry, household or industrial electric appliances of thermal action. It applyfor heating and resistors elements manufacture. Also nichrome used for high-temperature (heat-resistance) and chemical-resistant alloy in corrosive environments.It has heightened creep stability, plasticity, shape stability and  increased exploitation term       


Cr20N80 is widely used in high temperature electric, glazing and drying furnaces and different electric devices. It is optimal for tubular electric heater manufacture

Fecral and nichrome consumers overall performance

1 Tubular electric heater manufacture
2 Heating engineering and industrial heaters production
3 Metal annealing spiral application
4 Ceramics and furnace glazing application
5 Metae production
6 Low fusion temperature metal melting
7 Glazing furnaces production
8 Cr15Al5 for resistance units manufacture