Medium Voltage Switchgear Retrofit

Retrofit is medium voltage switchgear equipment partial renewal of old switching device by modern vacuum circuit breaker


All medium voltage equipment parts can be divided into several groups by depletion rate:

1 Fixed parts: panel metal-clad, current and voltage transformer, isolators, buses and other. It is practicable not reduced category (except transformers)  

2 Moving parts: withdrawable elements, load break switches, high voltage and earthing disconnect operated switches are slightly modified elements

3 Control circuit: traditional relaying and arc protection system, measuring instrument and signaling devices are mostly obsolete but still in use

4 Switching Devices: power circuit breakers and contactors. This category is ages resulting on availability and technology properties of medium voltage switchgear.   Minimal oil, electromagnetic and first use vacuum circuit-breakers are still in operation today


Retrofit Solution for replace of

  • circuit breaker only
  • complete withdrawable part



  • fast and cost-efficient re-commissioning;
  • directly replicate the existing equipment;
  • brief interruption of operation;
  • reliability and availability increasing;
  • “plug and play” replacement at the customer’s location


A large number of different retrofit solutions were developed for adapting modern circuit breakers into existing system