Input distributional devices UVR (VRU)

Panels UVR, VRU (LE-VR-0,4) are designed to distribute and account three-phase alternating-current of frequency 50Hz and voltage 0.4 kV earthed neutral systems electro supply for electric installation security during overloads and short-circuits, temporary electrical circuits switching protection  

Conforms to SS U 31.2-35036863-005:2009

Degree of protection IP20 under GOST 14254


UVR, VRU (LE-ВР-0,4) order designation example:

LE-VR-0,4-2201 N3  SS UF 31.2-35036863-005:2009

LE-VR-0,4-1-21-10 N4  SS U 31.2-35036863-005:2009